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Dolphin Tours Charleston SC

The adventure starts the moment you step onto the boat. Begin your expedition on a smaller more inimate boat and say goodbye to the crowds of the larger ferry size tours.

Charleston is home to the Atlantic bottle nose dolphins that can grow up to 12 feet long. The love to come up into Shem Creek to feed sometimes following the shrimp boats back in to enjoy free snacks as the boats clean the decks from the days haul.

Sometimes if your very lucky you may even catch a group of dolphins strand feeding. A good spot for this is out by the Morris Island where you will see a group of dolphins heerding a school of fish or shrimp onto a sandbar. Then the dolphins launch their bodies out of the water onto shore to feed.

Booking Made Easy

Booking Made Easy

  • Download and install the app
  • Create an account
  • Choose a tour type and # of passengers
  • Select a boat option and view pricing
  • Choose date and time of your trip
  • Chat with a HOBA agent and pay within the app
  • Have Fun

Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery to see some of the amazing experiences our clients have had and check below to see examples of some the boats we have available.

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Featured Boats



Up to 6 passengers
Pricing: $100-$150 per hour
1hr minimum

HOBA X is a standard center console or deck boat, up to 26' long, holding a maximum of 6 passengers.



Up to 6 passengers
Pricing: $200-$250 per hour
1hr minimum

HOBA XL is a bigger center console or cruiser, up to 40' long, holding a maximum of 6 passengers



7 or more passengers
Pricing: By Request
1hr minimum

HOBA EXTRA holds 7 or more passengers. Boat sizes and rates vary.

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